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Photo of John Hassey Nevarez
John Hassey Nevarez
Financial Associate

About John Hassey Nevarez

My career has focused on helping people and organizations through important transitions and planning. As a pastor and pastoral counselor, I helped congregations and individuals navigate change and the inevitable emotions that accompany it. These experiences allowed me to see just how much organizations and individuals struggle with money. These struggles inspired me to study finance & economics at Roosevelt University, where I graduated with a Master of Arts in Economics in 2014. Since then I've been helping organizations and individuals use their resources more efficiently and wisely, giving them more security and hope in their future. My charitable work focuses on education: free financial education, helping local schools support refugee students and other students in need, and raising funds for Fearless Undocumented Alliance, a private organization that offers scholarships to immigrant students who are otherwise ineligible for financial aid.