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Photo of Joe Fritts
Joe Fritts
Financial Associate

About Joe Fritts

Living in the midwest all my life, God, family, friends and work have become a cornerstone to who I am. Through life experience first in television broadcasting and then on to international business management, it has been the people who are brought into your life, that make the journey worthwhile. While my journeys have extended beyond twenty countries and multiple cultures, home is always where our treasure is. So, when the Lord allowed a girl from Memphis, TN to cross my path at a church reunion nearly 25 years ago, the treasure grew in value. Now with eight children (4 boys and 4 girls), we enjoy life with 'maybe' just a little more noise than others...but we would not change a thing. My ministry is those I get the opportunity to advise at the office and those 'junior investors', when I come home at night. That is why I say, with over 25 years of business experience and a growing family, I am well prepared to serve the owners from storefronts to homefronts!