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Photo of Jessica Dontje
Jessica Dontje
Financial Associate

About Jessica Dontje

What are your goals and values? What worries keep you up at night? What dreams do you aspire? I will assess your situation and develop a financial strategy designed exclusively for you. Working together, we will build a plan around what’s important to you. My family and I cherish our time together and enjoy supporting philanthropic causes. I understand that life is about those things that bring you joy and doing more with what you have. I am passionate about empowering people to save for retirement and pursue their financial dreams. Simplifying a complex concept and bringing new understanding that could change the course of your life is rewarding to me. No matter what your financial goals are, together we can build a plan around the things that you care about. My goal is to help you reach a place where you feel like you have enough for yourself – and to share.