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Photo of Jason Valdez
Jason Valdez
Regional Development Leader

About Jason Valdez

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, the middle child of three boys. My favorite thing in the world was to play baseball. I played all the way through college, and one year for a minor league farm team. Although I thought I’d be playing baseball my entire life, I was hit with an unexpected injury which put an end to my dream of becoming a Major League Baseball player. Fortunately I was young enough where I could finish my college career, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. To all who ask, I am a Civil Engineer by profession, but am an advisor by vocation. The Lord has a funny way of putting us where we belong, doesn’t He? Thrivent provides me with all the tools to make sure we are providing the most value to our clients as we work with them develop a plan which protects against setbacks, and investment strategies to meet their future financial goals.