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Photo of Jason Miloszewicz
Jason Miloszewicz
Financial Associate

About Jason Miloszewicz

After spending 22 years in management at the Menards corporate office in Eau Claire, I found new life in holistic financial planning with Thrivent Financial. I help people use money as a tool, spend less than they earn, and live a generous life. I was always interested in the field of financial planning, especially one that offers life insurance. I’ve experienced firsthand the power of life insurance when something unexpected happens. I’ve also experienced the difficulties associated with not having life insurance and I want to help people protect themselves and their loved ones from this situation. Your goals might include protecting those you care most about from a loss of income should you become disabled or die prematurely. They might include increasing your savings, or just plain starting to think about retirement. No matter, my focus is always on YOUR goals and I’m here to help you! When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family, church, fishing, and the outdoors.