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Photo of Jason Mascitti
Jason Mascitti
Financial Associate

About Jason Mascitti

After spending 30 years in retail management at American TV and Appliance, I found new life in holistic financial planning. I help Christians use money as a tool, spend less than they earn, and live a generous life. I always wanted to be in the field of financial planning, especially one that offers life insurance. When I couldn’t get my own life insurance due to medical issues, I realized the mistake I made. Now, I want to help people avoid this peril. Your goals might include protecting your loved ones from a loss of income should you become disabled or die prematurely. Or they might include increasing your savings, or even get started when you think it’s too late for retirement. In any case, my focus is on YOUR goals, not MINE. After all, I am here to serve you! In my free time, I cherish my family, my church and love for fishing and golf.