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Photo of Jason Bright
Jason Bright
Financial Associate

About Jason Bright

In every epic tale, the hero needs a guide to help them fulfill their ultimate destiny. Luke needed ObiWan, Frodo needed Samwise and Moana needed Maui. I want to be your guide to help you be the hero in your own financial story. Through a holistic approach to personal finance planning, and utilizing an array of products and services, I can help you find your finish line and be a good steward of what God has given you. As an engineer, I've had the pleasure of running a $13 million business and helping people solve complex engineering problems. But, I wanted to be able focus on serving my community. That's why I joined Thrivent. I'm passionate about helping my fellow Christians build custom engineered financial plans to realize their hopes and dreams and empower them to give back to their communities. I've been married to my wife Ana since 2010 and we have 5 kids. We attend 12 Stone Church, Hamilton Mill where I play guitar on the worship team. I'm also always up for a round of golf!