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Photo of James Garraway
James Garraway
Financial Associate

About James Garraway

I have always wanted to help others in any capacity really. From a young age I looked to the Lord and I loved people, I thought to myself each day how I could make that person’s life better. I made it a mission that I would not let the stresses over money be a pitfall for others, but with appropriate planning be a tool! These tools, these principals of finance can help avoid stresses in the long marathon that is life. Life insurance to protect a family encase God calls that person home early. Wouldn’t you like to leave behind a meaningful legacy to the ones you love? Disability Income Insurance to provide assistance, If your ability to work diminishes. Long Term Care Insurance, to protect all the money that you have accumulated in retirement from taking that financial hit of medical bills due to a nursing home in the future! And of course, investing! Let’s love others and be wise with money!