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Photo of Isaac Bolger
Isaac Bolger
Financial Associate

About Isaac Bolger

I grew up in a family centered on business. From a young age, I worked in our warehouses and talked shop over the dinner table. My passion for business combined with a passion for discovering the world, which led me to work abroad for over a decade, primarily in business schools. Now, I am back in my hometown, working with young people, families, and people approaching, and in, retirement. I provide a holistic approach that aligns your goals and values with your financial plan. In my previous career, I loved being able to advise and guide students and colleagues; this passion brought me to Thrivent. I am married with one young son, who attends local school in the East Isles neighborhood. My wife is an immigrant from Tunisia, and we celebrate our diverse background in our family. My personal background has led to involvement with immigrant communities in Minneapolis. I also enjoy reading nonfiction, hiking and international cuisine.