Our story

Our story

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Intentional Financial Advisors began over twenty years ago when we (Mark and Brian) began our careers with Thrivent. Working in the same office, we quickly recognized our shared values and dedication to building lasting client relationships. As we moved offices (multiple times), grew our individual practices, and took on clients of retiring associates, we have remained connected in our values and methods. We have been in partnership since the beginning.  

In 2023, we adopted the name Intentional Financial Advisors because it reflects who we are and how we work with clients. The name is inspired by the Bible’s Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14-30, which relays God’s desire for His people to be good stewards with all He has provided them.  

Our team now has six members, and we use our collective knowledge and expertise to help clients make financial decisions that steer them toward their purpose and passions. We pride ourselves on taking complex information and making it easier for clients to understand. In addition, we balance our analytical minds and compassionate hearts to help our clients achieve a level of financial confidence that can breed generosity. 

Ready to make the most of all you’ve been given? By providing creative, purpose-based financial advice and solutions, we look forward to helping you lead a life of intention and generosity.