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Photo of Henry Angelucci
Henry Angelucci
Financial Associate

About Henry Angelucci

As a Christian business owner, I value the life-long relationships I build with clients as we work together to protect their families and invest in their future. My relationship-focused business model provides clients customized investment guidance in a way that communicates how much we truly value the well-being of each client. I am very passionate about my work as I see so many clients take for granted their financial future without taking the key retirement risks off the table. My number one priority is making sure my clients do not outlive their money, and I have 4 main competitors: death, disability, illness, and old age; My job is to see my clients before my competitors do. When I am not working, I love spending time with my wife and four children. We love our annual vacation down the shore as well as many day trips around the great state of NJ. I am a former bodybuilding champion as well as a mixed martial artist.