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Photo of Grigoriy Kuznetsov
Grigoriy Kuznetsov
Associate Representative

About Grigoriy Kuznetsov

I used to be a massage therapist and was very passionate in helping people getting their health back in order by providing professional medical massage therapy. I would work with professional athletes, patients after surgery or people with injuries. They all had one thing in common, they wanted to live a pain free life again. I enjoyed helping them and be part of their recovery, but after doing for so many years I start to feel pain in my hands and couldn’t perform massage anymore. With having experience in the market, it was an easy decision to become a financial professional. Since I have a passion for helping people, I decided to start helping my clients with their financial health. As a financial professional I enjoy creating a plan for your personal lifestyle and needs that will prepare you for the uncertainty. Coming up with a sound plan for retirement regardless of what stage in life you are, helping to accumulate wealth and leave a legacy for your loved ones.