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Photo of Greg Durivage
Greg Durivage
Financial Associate

About Greg Durivage

With my experience and expertise, I value the life-long relationships I build with clients as we work together to protect their families and invest in their future. My team's relationship-focused business model provides clients customized financial advice in a way that communicates how much we value the well-being of each client. I am passionate about my job as a financial associate for a personal reason. When I was growing up, my parents sacrificed everything they had to provide a great life for my sister and I. While I am forever grateful, many of the financial decisions they made to do this were not wise. I wish that someone had shared with them the impact that these financial decisions would have on their future financial well-being. As a result, helping people be wise with money, no matter what stage of life or income level, is extremely important to me. In my free time you will find me spending time with my family, watching sports, working out at the YMCA, or cycling.