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Photo of Glenn Vallercamp
Glenn Vallercamp
Financial Associate

About Glenn Vallercamp

I have always been in love with finances from a young age. I naturally saved, invested, and set myself up for the future. My passion now is teach others to do that same thing by providing financial guidance, retirement counseling, and direction. I was a teacher for a number of years, but decided that my passion lay in educating others in the realm of their finances. Nothing brings me more joy than to sit down with someone and educate them on their financial options. To be able to do so for a Christian Organization brings me comfort in knowing we are doing what’s in our client’s best interests. I go to church at Fellowship Pasadena, and am deeply involved in Life Groups, Youth Group, and Leadership Groups there. I believe in the work of the church and want to support it and be a part of it however I can. I am a huge baseball fan, specifically a crazy Los Angeles Angels fan! Also a Los Angeles Rams fan.