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Photo of Garrett Dickerson
Garrett Dickerson
Regional Development Director

About Garrett Dickerson

I was raised in the small town of Joelton, TN, where priorities were and still remain Faith, Family, Friends, and then Everything Else. I attended Goodpasture Christian School with my wife, Kristin, Kindergarten through our Senior year of high school. We attended Lipscomb University together. Kristin and I have three boys, Anders, William, and Garron and live in Clarksville, TN. Please know we consider our family your family. I am raising my sons to believe everyone has talents and abilities they have been called to steward and use to grow the Kingdom of God. I am excited every day to use the talents and abilities I have been given to minister to and support the families God puts in my path. It is more clear to me than ever before how much Christians can be helped in their relationship with their Creator by helping them achieve their goals through sound financial guidance. I do what I do to help Christians succeed in retirement planning, education funding, and so much more!