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Focus Forward Financial Group

Meet Focus Forward Financial Group

Our team of Thrivent Financial professionals offers a full range of services and holistic guidance, such as retirement planning, investments, insurance and wealth management. While we work with clients in all stages of life, we're uniquely qualified to help those going through a job transition. Why? Because it's our passion. A job change can be a vulnerable period for you, your family and your finances without a reliable support system. We focus on educating our clients on the best path forward to help you cover immediate needs, guide you through the necessary transitions of IRAs, pensions and 401(k)s, and help set you up for future success with whatever endeavors lie on your horizon. We're proud to serve as reliable guides, through periods of smooth sailing and during challenging, turbulent times. We draw from our industry expertise and personal experiences to help you weather temporary setbacks, shore up your safety net and maintain a course to reach lifelong goals.