Our story

Our story

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Focus Financial Group began with the husband-and-wife team of Shad and Heidi Connor and their strong desire to provide others with financial guidance throughout life’s journey. That same focus on lending others a helping hand while they progress toward their goals remains our priority today.  

At Focus Financial Group, we are more than just coworkers. We support each other the same way we strive to support our clients—like family. A few years ago, Heidi and Shad suffered a terrible house fire, and the team at Focus Financial Group immediately came together to make sure they were taken care of. 

Because we think of our clients as family, our work together is a collaborative and lasting journey. We understand the importance of forming genuine, long-term relationships, and we are committed to providing you with objective financial guidance to help you on your unique path.  

Our experienced financial professionals, intuitive tools and holistic process help manage your lifestyle, investment and protection needs. And our research, knowledge and expertise provide insight into the nuances of your goals—and how all the pieces fit together. As life happens and your circumstances change, we’ll help you stay on track.  

Give us a call today to learn more about how our dedicated team can help you thrive with purpose.  

Our core values 

  • Integrity: Our team approaches each day guided by a moral code and a set of personal values. 
  • Meaningful Work: The work we do and provide to guide our clients throughout their financial journey has a purpose and lasting significance.  
  • Family: Our team and our clients are family, and we work hard to support them through the difficulties of their journey. 
  • Competence: We strive for excellence through experience and the continuous effort to solve problems and demonstrate mastery in our work. 
  • Order: The path we take with our clients is built upon a structure to optimize the dedicated planning process.