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Photo of Echo Pelster
Echo Pelster
Financial Associate

About Echo Pelster

I joined the financial services industry after 24 years behind the chair as a cosmetologist and career specialist. Time after time I heard tragic story's of the loss of homes when a spouse died prematurely, or lost a job due to accident, financial ruin after divorce, not enough life insurance, needing to impoverish to qualify for services that were needed to meet care needs, I knew I wanted to learn how to help people and educate them in a way that could allow them to make wise decisions that were informed decisions. Today I provide an educational approach to help with general information on a variety of topics such as Long Term Care, Keeping The Farm or Business in the Family or retirement and Financial Guidance. Since 2013 I have worked with individual family members, helping them reach their financial goals, and removing the risk of what they are the most afraid of where possible in their particular situation. From basic to advanced planning strategies. I live in Gandy.