Our story

Our approach is designed to put the human being first. We genuinely want to get to know each client and form a trusting and caring relationship. We believe the ability to consistently make wise and prudent financial decisions is best done in an atmosphere of collaboration, dialogue and clear communication. Because we value individual people above their finances, our goal is to answer the phone on the first ring and each member of my team will treat you as the uniquely precious person that you are. You matter! We want you to feel that with every interaction. 

We believe truly healthy relationships and enduring confidence develop when we can share financial vulnerabilities and strengths. Not surprisingly, enduring confidence and a healthy relationship can be built when your financial goals are truly developed. So, we like to be real and take genuine interest and concern in the personal lives of our clients. We find that this personal connection is what gets us through any tough times. 

We serve friends and families of clients. Our practice serves clients nationally. We serve clients who value our advice, act on it and bring as much joy to our relationship as we do.

How values affect our practice 

We believe staying close to our values and our Creator is a foundational level for all good things in life. David likes to exercise, pray, read the Bible and other spiritual writings, and stay actively involved in fellowship and service to continue to grow every day in goodness and closeness to God. 

When it comes to how we approach your finances, we believe in the following core values:


  • Consider the value of each human being as the most significant gift we receive 
  • Realize each person comes to us with a unique background, perspective, wisdom and specific values 


  • Listen well 
  • Not act as though we know with certainty what is going to happen in the future 


  • Provide explanation of potential pros and cons to every decision 
  • Clearly recommend solutions for your personalized needs 


  • Personally care about you and your financial success 
  • Help you feel in control of your finances, especially in the face of change 


  • Deliver a systematic approach  
  • Consistently bring value to each interaction 
  • Apply wisdom to your stewardship of resources 


  • We want to help clients become more than just successful, but to become a significant and contributing member of their families and society—to help people make the world a more beautiful place by the stewardship of the resources entrusted to them. 

You are invited to see how we are different—whether you already have a relationship with a financial professional or not.