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Photo of Colton Mosher
Colton Mosher
Financial Associate

About Colton Mosher

After six years of working for a retail store renown in customer service, I decided to align my work and passion and found something even more personal than selling socks and underwear. I love to serve my clients and find fulfillment I never knew process through my work at Thrivent. I help clients reach their goals and go beyond by implementing strategies allowing them to dream bigger. I value family, trust and dedication. I seek clients who share these values so we can work together knowing the person across the table shares the same principles. If you’re dedicated to seeking financial freedom, you will find a partner to grow with in me. From Investments to insurances and council, I work with clients through the relationships we build together. This creates a platform for communication and professionalism in ways you wouldn’t expect, without compromising what you should expect. Reach out to me today for information on how the experience I offer differs from today’s expectations.