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Photo of Cole Leonida
Cole Leonida
Financial Associate

About Cole Leonida

For 26 years of my life, I found my identity as a baseball player. I played in college and professionally and along the way I learned so much about myself. Of which, nothing was more important than coming to know Jesus Christ and accepting Him into my life. With that, came a shift from caring so much about wins and losses and batting average, to caring much more so about my teammates and the relationships I was blessed with. Nothing gives me more joy than to help guide others closer to their goals and dreams. As a former catcher, I assumed a servant-leadership role with all of my teammates, especially my pitchers. I would help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop strategies for success, make adjustments on the fly, and be in their corner no matter the situation. My value was defined by their success, not my own. This is precisely my role today. Except instead of pitchers, I have clients; and instead of baseball games, we are dealing with real lives and I love it!