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Photo of Christina Mueller Gibson
Christina Mueller Gibson
Financial Associate

About Christina Mueller Gibson

No matter what your financial goals, achieving them requires preparation. Whether you are just starting out or are preparing for retirement, I'll assess your situation & develop a financial strategy designed especially for you. I use a broad range of financial & insurance products. By using tailored guidance, & working with your attorney and/or accountant we will work to establish estate & retirement strategies. I focus on income growth, protection, tax minimization & estate preservation. I live in Saraland with my husband George, along with our two special-need teens, Brandon & Katrina. I was a foster parent for many years. Both of our children have Autism. Working closely with special need families as well as families with seniors who need special care, I am aware of the financial & insurance strategies needed to protect assets so that care can be given without being a burden. My mission is to help ensure your assets last longer than you do and to live a more generous life.