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Chad Thomley
Wealth Advisor

About Chad Thomley

*My first 11 years with Thrivent were in Southern California (I'm of Norwegian heritage so my tan went away quickly) *Married to Melissa since 1993 (she says that most of that time has been happy for her) *I have two teenage daughters that don't look at their phone and always agree with everything I say (that might be a lie) *Moved back to Wisconsin in 2003 after our second daughter was born *Proud owner of two shares of the Green Bay Packers *I'm 6'7" tall, so you won't see me driving around in a Ford Fiesta (and yes, I did play basketball ... and tennis) *The first time I went golfing with my wife, I hit a hole-in-one on the second hole we played *I don't have gray hair ... it's "platinum blonde" *Member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and sing/play keyboards for their praise band at the 10:30 AM service at the Verona, WI Campus on Hwy PD *Lead singer for an 80's cover band called AHPP (The Alan Halverson Parsons Project). I will keep my "day job" ...