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Photo of Chad Sparks
Chad Sparks
Financial Associate

About Chad Sparks

As a former construction consultant, Chad enjoys building something from an idea. The process of designing a financial blueprint to help people with their financial goals has always appealed to him. When the financial crisis occured in 2008, Chad left construction to set out on helping others by working with them on building a solid financial foundation. He specializes in retirement solutions, and asset protection strategies. Chad joined Thrivent because the idea of giving back and impacting communities is something he's always enjoyed, and partnering with a faith based organization was appealing Chad has worked with various charities, including: Salvation Army, Operation Christmas Child, Habitat for Humanity and various churches. He is the founder of Structured Consulting, a company helping high school, college, and recovered addicts help in finding employment, applying life skills, and dressing for success. Chad resides in Winchester with his wife and children.