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Photo of Cameron Richardson
Cameron Richardson
Financial Associate

About Cameron Richardson

After graduating from Asbury University in 2014, I worked in Youth Ministry for 3 years. When my wife became pregnant in September of 2016, I knew it would mean a job transition. Around that time my brother-in-law had started working for Thrivent Financial.While working with him, I was drawn to the company by their community focus but also their emphasis on being a company of faith and values. I did not envision working for Thrivent! After searching the job market, the Managing Partner reached out to me and once he described the position to me, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I have been with Thrivent since June of 2017. I have a passion for helping families and businesses reach their financial goals. When the financial burden is lifted, you can begin to see families, businesses and communities thrive. I want to be your advocate to help you achieve financial freedom that will impact generations to come.