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Photo of Blaine Hellman
Blaine Hellman
Financial Associate

About Blaine Hellman

I got started in this industry because of a free lunch. I was offered a job halfway through my master's program at UNO and turned it down until I finished my coursework. I spent my first year as a financial professional working to build my practice while simultaneously finishing my master's thesis. Being from a family of teachers, I appreciate the ability to explain financial concept to my clients and find myself talking about WHY something should be done and how it connects to the other pieces in your financial picture. Knowledge is the best way to eliminate fear. By understanding your financial strategy you have the ability to gain confidence as you work toward your goals. I am happily married to Lauren and enjoy family time with our daughter, Lucy. I volunteer with several organizations including JDRF, American Diabetes Association, German-American Society and as a first responder with the Loess Hills Nordic Ski Patrol.