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Photo of Ashley Stevens
Ashley Stevens
Financial Associate

About Ashley Stevens

We all experience many journeys in life. My journeys are the reasons I chose to be a financial associate. I was inspired to learn how to help myself and teach others to be prepared for whatever journey life takes them on. It’s one thing to know what someone does but knowing the WHY behind what they do is crucial. I found my WHY when I moved to Minnesota. I had a great life but something was missing, financial fortitude. I was always curious about money and what it can do for us, but I never took the necessary actions to have confidence about my own finances. I decided I was going to learn how to take care of myself financially and then teach others how to do the same. Building relationships, nurturing, educating, compassion, and caring for others, have always come natural to me. I knew I needed to develop expertise in helping other people manage their money so they could thrive. You only get one chance at life, let’s develop a plan to help create the life you have always dreamed of!