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Photo of Ashley McNeely
Ashley McNeely
Financial Associate

About Ashley McNeely

My financial journey began at a very young age. My grandparents raised me, my grandfather was a petroleum engineer, so while we weren’t wealthy we were comfortable. When I was 11 years old my grandfather suddenly passed away and we went from comfortable to uncomfortable in the blink of an eye. My grandmother never worked, aside from raising five children and then me, which was more than a full-time job. She lacked the knowledge and education of what to do next. I witnessed this struggle and I could see how powerful having an understanding was. As I progressed through school I realized that finance was never taught. When I went to college I lacked basic skills such as creating a budget, balancing a checkbook or navigating the waters of credit. It was at that point I decided my goal was to ensure no one else I meet would have to struggle like that. My goal is to provide education and guidance that is lacking in order to help people plan and prepare for the future.