Andrew Varnedoe


Financial Associate

State(s) Licensed:   MO, NC, TN

Phone 615-266-2548

7101 Adams Dr
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Andrew Varnedoe

State(s) Licensed:   MO, NC, TN

Why is financial planning important?

We’re all asking questions about our financial lives. At its root, these questions go beyond budgeting, 401k contributions, tax planning, retirement and estate planning, and insurance. While these are important, they are the “how” portion of a financial plan. At a deeper level, we must ask the “why” questions. Questions like:

  • What is God’s calling on my life as a steward?
  • What is enough?
  • Will it always be enough?
  • Is the next steward chosen and prepared?

Each one of us will have different answers to these questions as we seek to learn God’s calling on our lives. My mission is to walk alongside those who have been given an opportunity to steward God’s provision and help you find clarity on not only the “how” of financial planning, but on the “why” as we walk together in faith.

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