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Photo of Andrew Mortenson
Andrew Mortenson
Financial Consultant

About Andrew Mortenson

I believe everything we have is from the Lord and we are called to be stewards of what we are blessed with. Your money goes to three places: the people you care about, the causes you care about, and the IRS. I believe that the people and causes you care about are better stewards of your resources than the IRS. We specialize in creating tax efficient retirement, estate, and charitable strategies that address top concerns of retirees, such as: How do I make sure I don't outlive my money? How will we protect our family and assets from the potential of high healthcare costs in retirement? Once these and other concerns are addressed, we help our clients create a legacy plan that inspires them. We ask questions like: How do we pass on not only our assets, but also our values? We partner with many charities including: Habitat for Humanity Washington & Dodge Counties, The Boys and Girls Club of Washington County, Family Promise, The Volunteer Center, and Living Hope.