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Photo of Alan Hyatt
Alan Hyatt
Financial Consultant

About Alan Hyatt

I’ve been a financial consultant for more than 27 years and a South Carolinian all my life. My wife, Dawn, and I have five children and live in Lexington, where we’re active members of Mt. Horeb United Methodist Church. In addition, I’m a 1991 financial management graduate from Clemson, and the university remains close to my heart. I serve on the Tiger Ties mentoring program at the Clemson School of Business. My practice focuses on retirement planning, as well as estate strategies, investment strategies and asset management. My colleagues and I work with our clients to set easily understood and attainable action steps for moving towards their individual goals. And I work for Thrivent because it’s a Christian organization deeply rooted in the values of community and generosity. We are stewards of all God has given us. By helping clients live abundantly, my colleagues and I are also helping local families and our community thrive.