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Photo of Adam Julch
Adam Julch
Financial Associate

About Adam Julch

I have a passion for educating people on strategies they can use to become and stay financially secure. No matter what your financial goals are, achieving them requires preparation. I will take time to understand your values and we'll identify what's most important to you. Backed by the financial strength of Thrivent Financial, I'll provide financial guidance that connects your finances with your values. Every recommendation I offer is different, it all depends on you and your goals. My goal is to make sure you understand the "why" behind the decisions you are making. I grew up in the home of a Hall of Fame Financial Representative for Thrivent, Dennis Julch. In 2013, I got the opportunity to work side by side with him, and I have loved every minute of it. My wife Teresa and I have two children, Maxwell and Lydia. We are active in our local church and love spending time with family and friends.